Faked Cancer for Free Abortion

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Faked Cancer for Free Abortion

Bradley Mattes   |   May 11, 2016

Some women will do anything to get a free abortion.  Chalice Zeitner of Arizona was convicted for falsely claiming she had cancer so the state would pay for her late-term abortion.  She fabricated a diagnosis of cancer in her abdomen and lower spine.  Chalice was caught when a doctor performed a cesarean on her for a subsequent pregnancy and could find no evidence of cancer.  The cancer doctor she listed said he never treated her.  The woman was convicted by a jury on counts of fraudulent schemes, identity theft, theft, attempted theft and forgery.  For those of us who’ve actually experienced cancer, her actions seem particularly offensive.  The situation turned into a tragedy when the baby was intentionally and fraudulently killed.  It’s hard but we need to pray for this woman.

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