Pro-Aborts Spanked by Their Own

ve8QAd   |   April 13, 2016

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Life Issues Institute is dedicated to pro-life education. It’s what we do.  One of our goals is to shine a spotlight on the extreme and radical nature of most pro-abortion activists.

In this case, one of their own did the work for us, and an aggressively pro-abortion website posted it.

PagliaCamille Paglia is an author and feminist. She is also University Professor of Humanities  and Media Studies at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.  Camille refers to herself as firmly “pro-abortion” and calls the phrase “pro-choice” a “cowardly euphemism.”

With her pro-abortions credentials clearly established, Paglia used a recent column published on the pro-abortion website to artfully and vigorously rip the pro-abortion movement a new one while disparaging the Democrat Party.

Under the title of Feminists Have Abortion Wrong, Paglia makes many stunning accusations against those who promote abortion, and I agree with much of what she said.  First off, she writes, the “old-guard feminist establishment” believes anyone who attempts to humanize the unborn baby is guilty of “a diabolical threat to reproductive rights.”  Think Super Bowl Doritos ad.  Further, she categorizes the GOP war on women as “a tired cliché that is as substance-less as a druggy mirage.”

While reaffirming her support of “unrestricted access to abortion,” she laments the last decades have left her “disturbed and repelled” by the efforts of pro-abortion activists and the Democrat Party to use abortion to “inflame passions, raise money and drive voting.”

What puts Paglia in a distinct minority of the pro-abortion establishment is a better than average ability for logical reasoning and a healthy regard for the other side. “I profoundly respect the pro-life viewpoint, which I think has the moral high ground.” And while later stating that she’s an atheist, writes, “I recognize the superior moral beauty of religious doctrine that defends the sanctity of life.”

Paglia emphasizes she’s in good company by quoting a liberal gay Canadian woman. “The Democrats have become callous and extreme on the issue . . . I’m tired of being bullied by women who equate women’s equality with abortion on demand.”  Then Paglia adds her own barb.  “Liberals routinely delude themselves with shrill propaganda about the motivation of ‘anti-women’ pro-life supporters.”

Such refreshing opining from the other side.

Additional bullseyes:

Holds the opinion Anita Hill’s case against US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas was basically smoke and mirrors and largely responsible for birthing the conservative media movement inspired by Rush Limbaugh.

Defines the “lavish[ly]” tax funded Planned Parenthood as a “covert arm of the Democratic Party.”

Finally, Paglia acknowledges the horrific brutality of abortion. “The violence intrinsic to abortion cannot be wished away by magical thinking . . . abortion pits the stronger against the weaker, and only one survives.”

In one sense I’m glad that a majority of pro-abortion activists don’t think, act, talk and write like Camille Paglia. Discernment of this magnitude would be more difficult for us to combat.  Their extreme, take no prisoners approach is alienating women and men every time they open their mouths or take to their blogs.  For example, the Planned Parenthood employee who recently took Hillary Clinton to task on social media for referring to the unborn as a “person.”

While I profoundly disagree with Paglia on the basic question of abortion, I respect and admire her recognition of the shortcomings of pro-abortion advocates (we have our own) in the national debate.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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