Leroy Carhart Maims Another Women

LeRoy Carhart has a long and sordid past being a late-term abortionist.  He challenged the Partial Birth Abortion Ban all the way to the Supreme Court.  It’s reported he does abortions throughout pregnancy and he’s very bad at it.  But I’ll report. You decide.  Carhart had to leave his dingy abortion mill in Nebraska because they passed pro-life legislation.  He’s now set up in Maryland, and in five months he’s sent six women to hospitals in ambulances.  His latest victim was likely more than twenty-seven weeks pregnant.  And of course babies can live outside the womb at that age.  Regardless of the age of the baby, this hack abortionist must be stopped by the authorities.  How many more women must he kill?  Clearly, legal abortion is dangerous back-alley abortion.

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