Infant DNR Orders Without Parental Knowledge

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Infant DNR Orders Without Parental Knowledge

Bradley Mattes   |   April 08, 2016

Brace yourself for some shocking news.  A recent survey showed over two-thirds of practicing neonatologists believe it’s okay to put a Do Not Resuscitate order on infants without the permission or knowledge of the parents in cases when the doctors believe the babies won’t survive.  Over sixty-percent believe it’s okay if the doctor thinks it’s merely unlikely the baby will live.  Obviously a majority of these doctors think MD stands for “medical deity.”  Tragically, laws in many states make their appalling actions legal.  And this secret DNR order is more likely to be done if the baby has a disability, like Lane Hauber.  Lane is now seven years old and lives with holes in his heart because care was denied.  These are dangerous times, so parents keep guard on your little ones.

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