Double Standards Reign Supreme

ve8QAd   |   April 28, 2016

In an ironic twist of public journalism, CBS News’ 60 Minutes is getting worldwide praise for their recent investigative stunt that bears an uncanny resemblance to The Center for Medical Progress’ (CMP) undercover Planned Parenthood videos.

I’m sure you remember the video series in which Planned Parenthood’s secret marketing of aborted baby body parts was exposed along with their illegal business activities.

double standards

In what’s been heralded in the public spotlight as “blowing the lid off” the corruption of big donors, 60 Minutes released its “Dialing for Dollars” report which had investigative journalists going undercover to attain footage at congressional campaign call centers.  The idea was to expose members of congress who’ve been spending hours there raising money by phone.

As the 60 Minutes report continues to trend with its spotlight fixated on campaign call centers, labeling them everything from “prostitutes for big donors” to “cult-like boiler room(s) on Capitol Hill,” one cannot help but notice the eerie similarities between this and the investigative operation of CMP.

Pro-abortion articles are already popping up, swift to rationalize why it’s okay for 60 Minutes to work undercover, but eager to smear the investigative journalism of CMP and all of their hard work. Their excuses range from CMP’s videos being “illegally obtained” to pretending to be someone they’re not, so it’s no surprise that their justifications—dripping with hypocrisy—only further rally pro-lifers.

According to CBS correspondent Norah O’Donnell, “If lawmakers who are paid by the American taxpayers are spending a majority of their time raising money on the phone, I think it’s an important part of our story to see what those offices look like and take our viewers behind the scenes, in this case, with a hidden camera.”

I couldn’t agree more. Which means that if leaders in Congress aren’t off of the hook, then Planned Parenthood shouldn’t be either.

43% of Planned Parenthood’s revenue comes from government health services grants and reimbursements. That’s nearly half of their income! Therefore, it’s only right that taxpaying Americans get to see what their money is going toward—especially if their money is enabling the killing of vulnerable citizens and then selling their body parts for profit.

60 Minutes producer, Pat Shevlin, explains that the team was “scrupulous” about the entire filming process and didn’t take the decision to go undercover lightly. Yet, the insinuation that David Daleiden and CMP did take the entire filming experience lightly is misleading, and fairytale fodder made up by pro-aborts as a distraction from the main issue.

That main issue being it’s somehow okay to be a whistleblower to stop phone calls to raise campaign funds, but not to stop the abortion industry from making a profit off the killing of innocent babies and then selling them to the highest bidder to deepen their pockets.

As you recall, pro-abortion politicians in California called for an investigation into the legality of CMP’s investigative journalism. Now, the National Republican Congressional Committee has launched an internal investigation aimed at determining how CBS News obtained undercover video shot inside the NRCC’s offices.

The idea that liberal media outlets would castigate CMP’s investigative journalism and then do the same thing would be comical if it wasn’t so pathetic.

I’ll admit: “Dial for Dollars” has a catchy ring to it. Maybe if CMP called their video series “Killing for Dollars,” more people would get the hint.

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