Zika Used to Abort More Babies

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Zika Used to Abort More Babies

Bradley Mattes   |   February 15, 2016

International pro-abortion organizations and the United Nations have a new tool to coerce or pressure pro-life countries to legalize abortion.  It’s called the Zika virus, which the UN and other pro-abortion groups have linked to microcephaly in infants.  These babies are born with small heads and often suffer lifelong ramifications.  Therefore, instead of killing the mosquitos they believe carry the virus; they’re pushing aborting the babies at risk.  Even though there’s absolutely no solid evidence the two are connected.  A closer look at the numbers out of Brazil shows there’s no link at all.  But it won’t stop pro-abortion activists around the world from aggressively pushing their abortion agenda.  Let’s take a closer scientific look at the Zika virus, and if there’s a link, go after the cause, not the babies.

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