NARAL Threatens Presidential Candidate

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NARAL Threatens Presidential Candidate

Bradley Mattes   |   February 09, 2016

During a recent debate, presidential candidate Rand Paul said, “I think abortion is always wrong . . . without the religious foundation that guides us all, I think we have a great risk of going horribly in the wrong direction.”  The radical pro-abortion group, NARAL, didn’t like the Senator’s remarks and responded to him with this tweet I’ll cleanup for radio, “Keep saying stuff like that and you’re gonna get punched.”  This same NARAL recently accused pro-lifers of “violent rhetoric” that they said “begets violence.”  And the NARAL president accused pro-lifers of using “hate-filled rhetoric,” adding, “The language you choose matters.”  I’d like to remind NARAL “punching” constitutes violence.  And so does the brutal dismemberment of innocent babies in the womb.

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