Euthanasia Because They are Elderly

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Euthanasia Because They are Elderly

Bradley Mattes   |   February 12, 2016

Assisted suicide and euthanasia aren’t really about being terminally ill.  In the short time euthanasia’s been legal, so-called safeguards are routinely circumvented.  In Belgium it’s legal for elderly married couples to kill themselves even if they’re in good health.  Recently an Australian elderly couple was praised for doing just that.  Neither was ill or disabled.  Both were scientists, explorers and jokesters—what liberals would call enlightened.  The worldly things bringing them joy were diminishing, so they decided to commit suicide.  This month is the first anniversary of the death of my colleague, Dr. Jack Willke, who with several health issues, died at ninety.  He’d tell this couple only God has the right to end life and God has plans for them until they die, just like He did with Jack.


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