Radical Feminist Now Pro-Life

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Radical Feminist Now Pro-Life

Bradley Mattes   |   January 15, 2016

Three years ago, a young feminist woman known as Sara Winter started a very radical and violent pro-abortion organization.  They became known throughout the world by their vicious and loud, topless protests outside and inside churches.  Watching the videos I thought it was Satan personified.  Sara aborted her first baby, but gave birth to her second, a son.  This baby rocked her world and radically changed it for the better.  Sara’s eyes were opened to the reality feminist organizations in her words “use women as objects.”  And she adds, “Covers up pedophilia in its ranks.”  Not only did Sara renounce such groups, she’s now pro-life.  So even when people act like Satan personified, pray for them—that the Holy Spirit will take root in their hearts and they may live eternally.

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