What is Your Church Saying to Women?

I’ve often said abortion is Satan’s most effective tool to drag souls to hell.  Half of all abortions are done on women who attend church.  Care Net is an umbrella organization, helping over one-thousand pro-life women help centers.  They surveyed women to find out how they viewed their churches before and after an abortion.  Some of their opinions, perceived and real, were: preaching on forgiveness doesn’t include abortion, and people would judge them negatively.  The church must stand for truth, but it also must not miss this opportunity to minister.  Offer help to pregnant women, offer healing to post-abortive mothers and fathers.  Warn them about the perils of abortion.  Get more details on this survey how you can help women at life issues dot org, then click on the microphone icon.

Learn more about how women facing an unexpected pregnancy and those who’ve aborted their babies view the church as it relates to openness to a repentant heart and the offer of healing from an abortion.  Click here for the survey by LifeWay Research for CareNet.

Use these free resources to help pastors share information on abortion with their members, and minister to women and men facing an unexpected pregnancy or needing post-abortion counseling.


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