Six Day Old Baby Not a Person

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Six Day Old Baby Not a Person

Bradley Mattes   |   November 17, 2015

Jennifer Jorgensen was under the influence of drugs and alcohol when she had a car accident that injured her unborn baby.  Doctors performed an  C-Section, but the infant girl died six days later.  Jennifer was charged with and convicted of second-degree manslaughter, but the New York Court of Appeals reversed the conviction.  The Court said the infant was an unborn child when injured; and compared the case to a self-induced abortion, not guilty of anything greater than a misdemeanor.  Judge Eugene Fahey dissented, writing, “I cannot join in a result that analyzes our statutes to determine a six-day-old child is not a person.”  But that’s exactly what this Court did.  Abortion has devalued life so much a newborn infant has no right to life.  America has sunk to a new low.

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