Saying No to Pregnancy Resource Centers

ve8QAd   |   November 12, 2015

People who love abortion love it so much they can rarely bear to acknowledge any other option.

Pregnancy resource centers offer ultrasounds, helping women see the rightness of choosing life.

On Tuesday, Senator Mike Lee asked the US Senate to unanimously consent to a resolution designating this week as National Pregnancy Center Week. Seems straightforward to me: babies get to live because these centers reach out to women, and men, too—most of them young and scared. Centers are staffed largely by volunteers. They’re supported almost entirely by donations and charge little or nothing for their services.

Worthy of recognition, right? Not so fast.

Democrat Patty Murray of Washington objected. Instead of seeing life, she sees oppression, politics and that handy bogeyman called “war on women.” Here’s what she said:

Simply put, this is another effort to pander to the extreme Republican base by using women’s health and constitutionally protected rights as a political football. And, unfortunately, it makes clear for the umpteenth time, that when it comes to improving access to affordable health care for women, some Republicans are determined to stand in the way of progress. I suspect that some of my Republican colleagues will say this resolution shows how [much] they care about [women’s] health. The truth is, it shows the opposite. It shows once again that the Republican Party wants to interfere in a woman’s medical decisions. Strengthening women’s health care doesn’t start with telling women what they should and should not do with their own bodies, but that’s exactly what that resolution does.

Huh? Do you see all that in this resolution to honor those who save babies’ lives and support—wait for it—a woman’s choice? A choice to say yes to life? How does offering free help to women not improve “access to affordable health care”? How does it not support “a woman’s medical decisions”?

Here’s the rub: did you notice the one word that’s missing from her objection?

Senator Murray can object. She can pontificate. She can accuse. But she can’t say the word abortion. Even so, she also can’t bear to recognize that women might want to choose life and benefit from it. If she perceives even a hint of threat to legalized abortion, she throws up a roadblock for life.

Here’s part of what Senator Lee said: “America’s pregnancy-resource centers aren’t out to make a profit or push an agenda. They’re just there to help—and to do so in a way that’s compassionate, considerate of individual privacy, and respectful of the equal dignity of all human life.”

That description is 180 degrees different from what the abortion industry does.

Women frightened by an unplanned pregnancy need the support of people who believe in them and their ability to choose life.

Pregnancy resource centers help moms and dads after their babies are born, too, with parenting classes, counseling and referrals to community services. Other clients find help with abstinence education and counseling after abortion. In its 2010 edition, the Pregnancy Resource Center Service Report noted that 1,969 affiliated pregnancy centers “drew on the help of 71,000 volunteers who performed an estimated 5,705,000 uncompensated hours of work.” The report conservatively estimated the cost savings to communities provided by the centers at more than $100 million that year alone, while helping more than 2.3 million people.

And that was five years ago. Today there are more than 2,500 pregnancy resource centers. They can use your help.

I’m sorry Senator Murray is so addicted to abortion that she can’t appreciate life and the people who help women choose life.

But I do! And I know I’m not alone.

You too support these sanctuaries of hope, life and help. I’ve long said these centers are where the rubber meets the road. Mostly volunteer counselors maximize the precious few minutes they have to change the mind of an abortion-bound woman into a protector and nurturer of the life she carries beneath her heart. These beloved humanitarians are the cream of the crop of mankind and I deeply love them.

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