Off Limits: The Link Between Abortion and Premature Birth

Editor   |   November 05, 2015

There are things you and I hold sacred. One of those is the preciousness of innocent human life.

For those who believe life has no value beyond their opinion of it, abortion is the ultimate sacred ritual.

That means we’re not supposed to question it or tell women about problems linked to it, like breast cancer, infertility and depression. Abortion is off limits. It’s sacrosanct.

If they could talk, thousands of tiny babies born prematurely and in precarious health would disagree. So would their worried and maybe heartbroken parents.

November is Prematurity Awareness Month. And many advocates for babies want you and everyone else to know about the major risks for premature delivery that consume vast amounts of dollars and take a substantial toll on family members. The babies who do survive may have health problems for life.

Two major causes of preterm delivery—using tobacco products and a lack of prenatal care—won’t surprise you.  But it’s another, unspoken cause that needs widespread attention. Prevent Preterm identified 104 peer-reviewed studies that show a link between abortion and subsequent premature birth. Sometimes researchers found the link while they were studying something else about preemies.

The studies were published from 1972 through this year. They were conducted across Europe, the United States, in South and Central America, Canada, China, Scandinavia, Australia, the UK and the Middle East. Individual studies looked at the histories of fewer than a hundred women to tens of thousands. Researchers took into account other factors, like smoking.

The vast majority of results fell within the rigorous scientific definition of “statistically significant.” Most of the research that studied women who’d had more than one abortion revealed that the more abortions a woman has had, the more likely it is she won’t be able to carry a baby to term.

The link is strong, repeatedly verified and unmistakable. Women who have abortions are at significant risk of being unable to carry a baby to term.

Do abortionists give women this information? No. It’s bad for business.

The abortion industry pretends to “empower” women by helping them kill babies they don’t want. But it doesn’t tell women that abortion can devastate their ability to have babies they do want.

What might a mother feel when she realizes her choice—you know, the one that was supposed to empower her—instead seriously injured her baby? Or prevented her from carrying a baby long enough to have a chance at life at all?

Not all researchers agree exactly how abortion compromises future pregnancies. The believed culprits are: abortion may damage and weaken the cervix, infection could be introduced, and hemorrhage plays a role. But they do agree the link is real.

So what does Planned Parenthood tell women about the link between abortion and premature birth? It’s simple. They deny it. Here’s a paragraph straight from a Q&A section of their website:

Are There Any Long-Term Risks of Abortion?
There are many myths about the risks of abortion. Here are the facts. Abortion does not cause breast cancer. Safe, uncomplicated abortion does not cause problems for future pregnancies such as birth defects, premature birth or low birth weight babies, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, or infant death.

It’s unconscionable that groups like the March of Dimes—which says it works to prevent premature births—support abortion. It’s unconscionable that the abortion industry fights informed consent. Can you imagine if a doctor didn’t tell you the risks of heart surgery? I literally spent hours at the hospital while medical staff made sure I was fully informed before my heart surgery. Without it the patient would have grounds for a lawsuit!

But abortion is different. Abortion is sacred. Some ancient cultures worshipped angry gods that demanded child sacrifice. Apparently, so does ours.

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