Best Souvenir Ever

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Best Souvenir Ever

Bradley Mattes   |   November 20, 2015

After one of my visits to Paris, I brought back local artwork as a souvenir.  Jenny Drake and her husband returned with a new baby.  An hour out of Paris on the way home, Jenny began having contractions.  When asked if there were any doctors on board, eight rose to the occasion.  At one point they gave dad a plastic bag and said he might have to catch the baby.  The flight diverted to Dublin and they rushed Jenny to the hospital where minutes later Zoe made her arrival at just twenty-five weeks. Thanks to modern neonatal care Zoe and parents are doing fine.  I often cautioned my wife I might return with a child when visiting orphanages abroad.  I guess being pregnant to start with helps.  Now every time Jenny gets on a plane; sweet memories will come flooding back.


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