Unbiased CNN Poll Shows Americans Pro-Life

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Unbiased CNN Poll Shows Americans Pro-Life

Bradley Mattes   |   October 02, 2015

Usually, when the liberal media do a poll on abortion, they carefully word the questions or warp the results to get a pro-abortion outcome. But this time CNN did their job effectively and fairly. The nationwide poll asked adults if they thought abortion should be legal or illegal in most circumstances. The results showed a strong majority of Americans think abortion should end in most cases. Fifty-eight percent pro-life versus thirty-nine pro-abortion. This and other polling show you and I are in the majority. The poll was taken after the Planned Parenthood videos began airing. I believe it’s further evidence as more truth is revealed about the brutality of the abortion industry, hearts and minds are becoming pro-life on abortion. Abortion’s living on borrowed time. Let’s terminate it once and for all.

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