Echoes of the Nazi Era

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Echoes of the Nazi Era

Bradley Mattes   |   October 30, 2015

Doctor Julius Hallervorden was a Nazi German physician for the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Brain Research.  So when he found out psychiatric patients were being euthanized, he said to them, “If you’re going to kill all these people, at least take the brains out so the material could be utilized.”  He then gave the killers directions on how to harvest the brains.  Afterward this Nazi said, “Where they came from and how they came to me were really none of my business.”  Does all this sound familiar in the wake of the Planned Parenthood videos?  Another echo of chilling history can be found in the words of the New York Times saying fetal tissue is a “precious resource” that ought to be “utilized.”  Is Planned Parenthood like a bunch of Nazis?  I report. You decide.


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