Prayer and Protest in August

Planned Parenthood’s been in the news a lot lately and more people understand the truth behind this giant of the abortion industry. I’m proud to say Life Issues Institute is a sponsor of two important events in August. First is a Nationwide Day of Protest at Planned Parenthood on the twenty-second. Pro-lifers are asked to join others for a peaceful presence in front of these abortion mills throughout America. Second, a week of prayer covering this date is also planned. Please visit today’s broadcast link at life issues dot org where you’ll find details on both events. I encourage you to participate. Perhaps you can help organize in your area. It’s a crucial time for you and me to publically say “No more” to the killing of babies. And of course prayer’s an essential tool.

Please join us in a national Day of Protest at Planned parenthood abortion mills.

You and I know prayer is an essential tool for success in ending abortion. Please join our Week of Prayer to end abortion.

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