Fight or be Forced to Endure

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Fight or be Forced to Endure

Bradley Mattes   |   July 30, 2015

For decades, the pro-aborts have taunted us for not being “pro-choice.” But true choice isn’t what they want. They want to force doctors to do abortions or refer women to others who will. They want to force us to pay for abortion. And there’s ample evidence many women are coerced or forced into abortions they don’t want. Half way through pregnancy, Kari Adamson’s baby was diagnosed with Edward Syndrome, which is usually fatal. Against all odds she and her husband chose life for their baby. In speaking to one hospital while looking for supportive treatment, Kari was told, be happy your doctor was even “allowing you” to continue the pregnancy. Their daughter is three. The deadly reality is we can either fight against abortion or have it forced upon us.

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