Sisters Do Everything Together

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Sisters Do Everything Together

Bradley Mattes   |   July 13, 2015

This is good news Monday because I have good news and it’s Monday. If you love babies like I do, you’ll love this story. Katie and Amy are identical twins and have done everything together throughout their childhood. And it looks like the trend will continue during their adult years. They got married just a year apart and became pregnant at the same time. Katie’s midwife was called Katie, and the name of Amy’s midwife was Amie. And, you guessed it, they delivered their babies on the very same day. But this is where they parted company—at least in the delivery room. Katie had a girl named Ella and Amy gave birth to a boy called Henry. If you’re a twin and have similar stories, drop me an email at today’s broadcast link at life issues dot org. And who knows maybe I will be able to share them with our listeners.

If you’re a twin and have some fun stories to tell, relay them here in the comment section.

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