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ve8QAd   |   June 04, 2015

Father’s Day is June 21st. A couple years ago, a retailers’ association did a survey to find how much people planned to spend on gifts for dear old dad. The average was about $120.

So what did kids spend the most money on? Not the tried-and-true necktie. No, they sprang for a special outing or dinner with dad.

In other words, what kids wanted most on Father’s Day was time with Dad.

Pillow_Fight_450As Father’s Day approaches, dads, I want to hear from you. What do you like best about being a father? I also want to hear from sons and daughters. What’s your favorite memory of your dad? Use the form at #FATHERSDAY [outdated link removed] or click on the image at left to tell your stories. Then, the week before Father’s Day, I’ll share some of your stories with the millions who listen to my daily radio commentary, Life Issues, carried on over 1,100 radio outlets.

I could probably write a book about the joys of being a dad. One of my fondest memories is taking the early a.m. feedings. It was just this tiny newborn baby and me in a quiet house, the little guy looking intently at my face as if he were trying to memorize it.

And there was also wrestling. Tons of wrestling and chasing each other around the house. Raising four boys led to lots of physical exertion as well as catching frogs and turtles, chasing fireflies, investigating the woods, visiting “Frog Pond” and painting the walls and our faces.

No matter how fast the years evaporate, I can take great comfort and joy (and you can too) in the memories left behind. So, dads, take a moment to share some of those recollections you cherish most.

For every son and daughter there was a dad. So kids, young and old, let me know what memories you hold dear about your father. Was it the serious conversations or maybe your favorite vacation?  Do you hold special memories of Christmas? Are there certain phrases dad used to say that ring true many years later? Your dad was a pretty cool guy (or maybe not) so let us know what you remember most—good, funny or otherwise!

I remember how intently my dad nurtured his vegetable garden in the backyard. It provided lots of good food to eat. I recall “dinner out” was at the A&W Drive-In and we loved it. That root beer was amazing!  Dad’s love of everything airplane rubbed off on his five sons. We’d go to the airport and watch the planes take off and land. It’s funny how the best memories can be seemingly insignificant events at the time.

The thing I admire the most is his example when it came to his faith. Without a doubt, that’s his greatest gift to me, besides life.

On a more somber note, as we celebrate Father’s Day let’s remember dads who are missing a child for whatever reason—war, miscarriage, abortion, accident or illness. Let’s also pray for those who are missing their dads because God has called them home.

It’s all about LIFE and each person now missing should be celebrated because someone said “yes” to life. So let’s include them in our Father’s Day happiness.

I look forward to reading your stories! Time is short, so I need to hear from you soon. Remember, you can share your story at #FATHERSDAY. [outdated link removed]

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