Abortion is Never in God’s Plans

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Abortion is Never in God’s Plans

Bradley Mattes   |   June 01, 2015

Rape is an exception many people, including Christians, give for abortion. Becca was molested by her father, got pregnant and gave birth at only fifteen. The baby called Rowena was also eventually abused by this man. Later, Becca married but her husband then also abused Rowena. Do you think abortion would’ve been a more compassionate choice for Rowena? Do you think it would’ve been better than the horrible experiences she ultimately endured? If you said yes, you’d be wrong. God brought Rowena through those difficult times and more. She’s now married with two kids, intends to get a law degree and become a Constitutional Attorney so she can defend unborn babies, including those conceived through rape and incest. Regardless of the circumstances, God has a plan for everyone.

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