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ve8QAd   |   April 10, 2015

Promotional messages are everywhere. One enterprising ad agency even invented “beardvertising”—tiny, clip-on billboards. Yes, you can now sell ad space on your beard.

That’s clever, I guess, but the guy who first put a slogan on a t-shirt was a bona fide marketing genius. T-shirts turn us into walking billboards, and most of the time we pay for the privilege.

But young pro-lifers aren’t wearing t-shirts to promote teams or shoes or soft drinks. They have a more important message to wear.

NPLTW-TeesApril 28 through May 4 is National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week (NPLTW). All week, young people, grandmas and everybody in between are encouraged to wear t-shirts proudly proclaiming support for babies who live in temporary housing—their mothers’ wombs. It’s a great way to start a pro-life conversation. Any pro-life tee works, or you can wear this year’s designs to show you’re a “Life Defender” and that a baby is a “Person Inside and Out” of the womb.

But the message doesn’t have to stop with people who see you wearing your t-shirt. NPLTW is running a contest—a sort of digital scavenger hunt. Upload photos of yourself and your friends wearing pro-life tees as you complete specific tasks for points. What a fun idea for your church or community youth group!

The NPLTW contest offers great prizes, but the real prize is showing the world that life matters at every stage.

The writers at Salon lean so far left it’s a wonder they don’t topple over, so it’s no surprise a new survey of young people caught them off guard. The Public Religion Research Institute asked more than 2,300 millennials—people born between 1980 and 2000—what they believe about “sexuality and reproductive health,” especially how race and religion affect their attitudes.

Salon was surprised by a streak of “unexpected conservatism” among millennials, including that 42 percent across the board believe abortion should be illegal in most or all cases. For some subgroups, the number was as high as 61 to 80 percent. Because millennials are seen as “diverse” and “open-minded,” Salon apparently assumed they all dance to the same anything-goes tune and draw no lines between morality and immorality.

The writers at Salon should venture outside their bubble and meet the young people I’ve met—tens of thousands of them at the annual March for Life alone, plus groups like Students for Life and their chapters on campuses across the country.

Of course 42 percent isn’t a majority, which makes National Pro-Life T-Shirt Week even more important. Anti-life activists are strident, and they get media coverage so favorable they couldn’t buy better. They spew meaningless phrases like “reproductive justice” and “war on women,” ignoring and outright denying the damage abortion does to women and men (beyond the obvious deadly damage to babies).

So join me by putting on your pro-life t-shirt and getting out there!

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