Visual Evidence Smoking Harms Unborn Babies

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Visual Evidence Smoking Harms Unborn Babies

Bradley Mattes   |   March 31, 2015

New research suggests babies definitely don’t like it when their mothers smoke.  Durham and Lancaster University conducted a study by doing ultrasounds on pregnant women who smoke fourteen cigarettes a day.  The four-D ultrasounds were done in the second and third trimesters.  The unborn babies appeared to grimace when their mothers lit up their cigarettes when compared with babies whose mothers didn’t smoke.  Ironically, the very pro-abortion magazine, Cosmopolitan, carried the story with condemnation for smoking when pregnant because it harms the babies.  But yet they resoundingly support the decision of a mother to intentionally kill her baby by abortion anytime throughout pregnancy.  I believe abortion’s on a collision course with science and is living on borrowed time.  Let’s pray it ends soon.


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