Teen Mom Goes Above and Beyond

Kaleena’s only nineteen years old but has the maturity of someone older.  She became pregnant outside of marriage, but instead of having an abortion, she chose life for her unborn child.  In addition, Kaleena knew she didn’t have the ability to parent a child, so she made an adoption plan for her baby.  This was a heroic thing for her to do, but there’s more.  Kaleena knew mother’s milk was better for her baby, so she continued providing it for the infant now in another state with adoptive parents.  The adoptive mom and dad provided Kaleen with the equipment and shipping to send her biological child mother’s milk.  In spite of the ache in her heart for the baby who’s no longer hers, she unselfishly did what was best for the baby.  Please say a prayer for Kaleena.

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