Plastic Handcuffs Part Two

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Plastic Handcuffs Part Two

Bradley Mattes   |   February 20, 2015

Earlier I told you about a friend of mine, Eric Scheidler head of Pro-Life Action League who sent abortionists a pair of plastic handcuffs with his phone number.  Many abortionists are arrested for illegal behavior and he offered dialogue for a way out of the killing industry.  Eric got more attention than he expected.  Pro-abortion organizations had a fit. But more importantly, he was contacted by some who seemed to want out of the business.  Another wanted to report an alarming situation going on at the abortion mill.  Eric has a gentle Christian spirit, and opening the door to those inside an abortion world has potential for saving babies’ lives, sparing their parents the emotional aftermath and possibly snatching their souls from the grasp of Satan.  Please pray for Eric’s efforts

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