Chemical Abortion Harder on the Mother

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Chemical Abortion Harder on the Mother

Bradley Mattes   |   February 24, 2015

Abortion mills around the nation are increasingly using chemical abortion instead of surgical ones.  One reason, it’s getting harder and harder to find a physician who’s willing to become an abortionist.  A chemical abortion is where the mother takes pills to kill and then expel her baby.  The FDA recommends using chemical abortion early in pregnancy, but many abortion mills go far beyond the guidelines.  Chemical abortion is harder for women because bleeding—lasting at least two weeks and some very heavy—is expected.  It’s also very painful.  It’s harder emotionally because the women actually see the baby after the child passes from her body.   It’s then she realizes she did this to her baby, not the abortionist.  And seeing her child will continue to haunt long after the procedure.

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