Chinese Abortionist Kills Own Grandchildren

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Chinese Abortionist Kills Own Grandchildren

Bradley Mattes   |   January 02, 2015

For years I’ve been telling you about China’s brutal, forced one-child population control program.  This’ll put a face on what’s happening over there.  Yang Pingan became pregnant a second time without permission.  They drug her to the village square and tied her to a tree until she “agreed” to an abortion.  Plus the abortionist who killed Yang’s baby was her mother!  A couple years later she was again pregnant and her mother once again killed her own grandchild against her daughter’s wishes.  When the next pregnancy occurred, Yang’s mother forced her to take a massive dose of the chemical abortion pill.  Even so, God intervened and the baby boy was born healthy.  Now Yang and her family are in hiding, fearing for their lives.  This is what Barack Obama’s using your tax dollars to fund.

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