Black Lives Do Matter

The nation’s simmering in the wake of recent shootings of black men by police.  During the ensuing public debate, it’s been hard to separate nonsense from truth.  But not in the case of Milwaukee’s Sheriff, David Clarke, a black man.  Noting the often-used phrase “Black lives matter,” Sherriff Clarke said if the protestors were truly concerned with Black lives, they’d be talking about black on black killing.  And, he said, they’d be protesting outside abortion facilities.  Sherriff Clarke may be aware of our research that shows beyond a shadow of a doubt, Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest chain of abortion mills, targets women of color.  Visit today’s broadcast link at life issues dot org to look at an interactive map.  We’re saying Black lives do matter.  Let’s stop aborting them.

Look at these maps to see how Planned Parenthood targets women of color by putting abortion mills within walking distance of their neighborhoods:

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