Silver Ring Thing

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Silver Ring Thing

Bradley Mattes   |   December 12, 2014

Do your kids think promoting sexual abstinence until marriage is cheesy and impossible?  Both research and experience shows parents have a profound impact on whether or not their teens avoid premarital sex.  Now you’ve got a good tool to help back you up.  The Silver Ring Thing is a hip and cool event to reinforce what you’re telling your children.  It effectively counters the “everybody’s doing it” mentality and helps equip teens to say no to sex before marriage.  And they do it in a way that relates to teens who’re being bombarded by sexual content on the internet, TV, movies and radio.  It’s everywhere.  I’ve seen too many teens make poor choices that have led to even more heartache and problems.  Learn more by visiting today’s broadcast link at

Silver Ring Thing is a hip and cool event promoting abstinence until marriage.  It’s NOT cheesy or boring.  Visit these links to learn more:

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