Cincinnati Planned Parenthood in Trouble

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Cincinnati Planned Parenthood in Trouble

Bradley Mattes   |   November 03, 2014

Trouble is brewing for Cincinnati’s Planned Parenthood abortion mill.  The Ohio Department of Health has put them on notice for operating outside of the law.  State legislation requires that abortion mills have a transfer agreement with a hospital.  So far, none want anything to do with the purveyor of death.  This is a pro-life community and there’d be an instant boycott of any hospital that accommodates abortionists.  It’s the last abortion facility in town and its closure would be huge—absolutely huge!  Pro-life state legislation across the country has put the screws to the abortion industry.  As a result, thousands of babies and their parents are being spared the horrors of abortion.  We need you to pray that God will shut down this place of death.  Please, please keep praying.


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