Not Compatible with Life

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Not Compatible with Life

Bradley Mattes   |   September 19, 2014

How many of us have said of an expected baby, “As long as he’s healthy.” I’m guilty as charged—many times over. But what does that say about the many babies born who aren’t healthy? Some are incompatible with life and survive only minutes, hours, days or weeks. Do we celebrate their brief lives with the same love and passion as those born with no challenges? The “healthy” litmus test communicates we think less of those who aren’t healthy and opens the door for abortion. Regardless of the challenges a baby faces, we must celebrate this life and show the baby’s family we love him. An incredibly moving video gives an intimate look at parents of a baby whose life is all too brief, but cherished. Watch it here: “Choosing Thomas — Inside a family’s decision to let their son live, if only for a brief time”


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