Like the Mother of Moses

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Like the Mother of Moses

Bradley Mattes   |   September 15, 2014

Like the mother of Moses, Breanna Ross hid her baby to protect her. Breanna had previously gotten pregnant and her mother and her boyfriend’s mother forced her to have an abortion. This time, she hid the pregnancy from her parents. But after giving birth in the bathroom, she fell in and out of consciousness, so she acted to protect her daughter. Breanna woke up in the hospital. She told officials she was afraid her mother would again force her to abort the baby, so she hid her, not in the reeds, but under the sink. Forced-abortion in America is a real problem and yet the so-called “pro-choice’ movement is stone silent. Adding insult to injury, the police charged Breanna with felony child neglect when she was only trying to save her precious baby.



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