Die at Seventy Five

If you don’t think healthcare rationing will be a central part of Obamacare, listen up. Ezekiel Emanuel has the president’s ear and is one of the kingpins behind Obamacare. He recently said in the press that we should die at the age of seventy-five. According to him, it’s then that we have no creativity and ability to contribute to society. We become feeble, ineffectual and pathetic. This, my friends, is the quality of life ethic in action. Mr. Emanuel’s expressing the value system and blueprint of Obamacare. The issue we’ll face at seventy-five isn’t whether or not to reject certain care. It’ll be that you’re unable to get care. Emanuel says if he changes his mind when he turns seventy-five, it’ll prove he’s still creative and deserving to live. What a tragic way to live.


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