It’s Not About Birth Control

ve8QAd   |   July 25, 2014


Perhaps the old saying should be revised to say, “If you can’t beat ‘em, distort the facts.” Since the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision was announced three weeks ago, those who disagree with the ruling have bombarded the media with outright lies.

  • Planned Parenthood commented via its Facebook page, “The Supreme Court issued a ruling that will take birth control out of the hands of women who need it.”
  • In a press release, pro-abortion NARAL made the following statement, “…this far-reaching and shocking decision allows bosses to reach beyond the boardroom and into their employees’ bedrooms.”
  • Nancy Pelosi continued the “war on women” rhetoric and accused the Court of banning contraception.

Like an old, worn-out magic trick, these allegations are nothing more than smoke and mirrors, meant to distract you from what’s truly taking place. The fact is the Hobby Lobby case isn’t about birth control; it’s about abortion.

“We do not have a problem with contraceptives,” stated Hobby Lobby President, Steve Green. Hobby Lobby provides coverage for 16 out of the 20 drugs under the Obamacare mandate. It took issue with the remaining four, because of their abortifacient qualities. Those methods work by inhibiting implantation of a human embryo, meaning that a new life is aborted at its earliest stages of development. Hobby Lobby’s objections were based on religious freedom, because abortion violates their religious beliefs.

So, Nancy Pelosi, contraception was not banned. Women have access to a variety of birth control methods. Even those without insurance have options that are very affordable. I confirmed with Target, Wal-Mart and Walgreens pharmacies that they have birth control pills available for as little as $9 – $12 per month. See, it’s not about birth control.

Ironically, they claim it’s “not your boss’s business,” yet, they want to force those very same bosses into the equation and pay for their contraceptive coverage. Of course, they don’t want them to ask questions; just fork over the money—even when unborn life is being extinguished in the process. Another example of just how “pro-choice” they are.


Instead of twisting and falsifying the facts, I’d like to see them focus on the true outrage about the overall “affordability” of the Affordable Care Act. We just renewed our health insurance policy and found that thanks to the new guidelines of Obamacare, costs have skyrocketed. The premium has increased enormously per month and the plan offers less coverage than our previous one. This means more out-of-pocket costs for less and less coverage. Not only that, but the law mandates maternity and pediatric care coverage, even for those who don’t need it. Men and women are being forced to pay for services they won’t even use! The bottom line is radical feminists are only focusing on a woman’s birth control needs, when millions of women—thanks to Obamacare—are being faced with doubling or tripling their insurance premiums or not being able to afford insurance at all.

It’s hard to not feel cynical, knowing that those who advocate for so-called “choice” are essentially denying Americans choice when it comes to their healthcare coverage. (As I’ve said before, they’re only pro-choice when it’s their choice.) It’s important that you and I take a stand and speak out in the face of their blatant lies while we continue to be a voice for truth and life.

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