Call Them Abortionists

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Call Them Abortionists

Bradley Mattes   |   July 24, 2014

Semantics is the art of using words to disguise or detract from what is perceived to be a negative situation.  For example, don’t call someone fat, they’re a “nutritional overachiever.”  The abortion industry wants you to call their abortionists “abortion providers” because it sounds positive.  But don’t be mislead.  I don’t call my cardiologist a heart care provider.  I don’t call my urologist a urinary tract care provider.  We don’t call a podiatrist a foot care provider.  And we don’t call a proctologist . . . . well you get my point.  Abortionists aren’t worthy of the name of doctor or provider because they’re hired to kill innocent preborn children.  Doctors or providers don’t kill, they heal and nurture.  So use the medically correct term and call them what they truly are—abortionists.

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