Brain Dead Mother Delivers Child

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Brain Dead Mother Delivers Child

Bradley Mattes   |   January 08, 2014

A young woman, barely in her second trimester of pregnancy, suffered a stroke and was airlifted to a hospital in Eastern Hungary. Doctors hoped the surgery would be a success, but they declared her brain dead two days later. However, the ultrasound showed her unborn baby was alive and well. The attending physician wasn’t sure if keeping the woman alive to save her baby would be the right choice until the woman’s family begged him to do so. This child was already precious to the family and they wanted him protected. The child’s father and grandparents came to the hospital three times a week to talk to the baby and gently caress the mother’s belly. At twenty-seventh weeks, it became apparent they had to deliver the baby or lose him. I’m happy to report the baby is home with his family and doing well—their prayers answered.

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