Pro-Aborts Rebuked by UN Diplomats

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Pro-Aborts Rebuked by UN Diplomats

Bradley Mattes   |   December 31, 2013

Pro-abortion groups, Planned Parenthood and the UN Population Fund took it hard on the chin from their supporters. They had funded the expensive Global Youth Forum which was attended by youth appointed by pro-abortion organizations. The attendees had absolutely no UN authority. Less than half of the participants actually showed up for the main sessions. The so-called Forum’s primary goal of course was to promote abortion-on-demand. But the UN diplomats refused to even look at their findings. It seems the UN General Assembly is fed up with pro-abortion organizations using the UN to promote abortion over the UN’s mission. Another important fact is the umbrella group of the Girl Scouts played an active role in the Youth Forum’s steering committee and breakout discussions.

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