Mother Charged in Death of Unborn Child

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Mother Charged in Death of Unborn Child

Bradley Mattes   |   December 16, 2013

A seventeen-year old girl in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has been charged with fetal homicide. Police say Princess Beachem snorted cocaine days before doctors were unable to detect a heartbeat of her seven-month unborn child. An emergency cesarean resulted in a stillborn infant. Doctors found cocaine in the baby’s blood and believe it killed the child. Louisiana is one of thirty-eight states with fetal homicide laws. And it points out a deadly irony that this young woman could’ve legally aborted her baby at seven months in states like New Mexico, Kansas and others. At the same time, she can be charged with killing her unborn child. This situation makes pro-abortion activists very nervous and it should. Gradually, America is coming to the realization all unborn life is worthy of protection.

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