Paulo Has Happy Life

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Paulo Has Happy Life

Bradley Mattes   |   November 18, 2013

Would abortion be the answer if a woman knew her unborn baby would contract a disease and spend his entire life hooked up to a respirator in a hospital? Sadly, it would be for most American women. Planned Parenthood and many doctors would say it’d be cruel to bring such a child in to the world. But that’s exactly the situation for Paulo Machodo in Brazil. He and other children who contracted polio were given a life expectancy of only ten years. Paulo, who’s forty-five years old, is happy and content with his life. He raised money online so he could computer-animate a book written by a fellow patient about the lives of children on their ward. Aborting any baby is telling God He doesn’t know what He’s doing. And man just can’t win that debate.

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