Parenting Makes Us Happy

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Parenting Makes Us Happy

Bradley Mattes   |   November 05, 2013

This just in—three research studies have found that God knows what He’s talking about. What a relief. Now we can all sleep at night! The findings show that parents find caring for their children is the most meaningful activity in their lives. It’s also the most tiring but makes them amazingly happy. I can hear all the parents out there saying, “Well, duh!” We all know what took them research to find out—children are a blessing from God. A wonderful, joyful, exhausting yet immensely satisfying blessing. I love everything about babies—the softness, their smell, the weight against my chest and even changing diapers. God wired us to love taking care of children. After all, babies are God’s opinion the world should go on. We didn’t need research to tell us.

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