Save the Dolphins Kill the Babies

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Save the Dolphins Kill the Babies

Bradley Mattes   |   October 15, 2013

Loyola Marymount in California is a Catholic university. Even so, eighty of its faculty and staff signed a student newspaper ad demanding the university fund abortion coverage in its healthcare plan. One of the signers was Professor Tom White, who teaches business ethics of all things. The professor has another pet social issue. He wants dolphins to be recognized as “persons.” I’m sure you immediately noted the hypocrisy. This man thinks it’s okay to subsidize killing unborn babies, but he wants dolphins to have the same right as humans—of course only already-born humans. Does it make you sick to your stomach people like him are teaching America’s youth in colleges throughout the nation? This type of rabid, anti-life thinking permeates academia. So teach your children how to counter it.

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