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“Bro-Choice” Breaks Down

ve8QAd   |   October 13, 2013

Abortion advocates have long clung to the phrase “women’s rights” to monopolize abortion as only a women’s issue. Men’s perspectives on abortion have been largely discounted or even silenced. However, now those on the pro-abortion side have abandoned that philosophy in favor of a new catchphrase, “bro-choice.”

The bro-choice movement is a campaign started by the pro-abortion advocacy group, Choice USA. Its goal is to mobilize men to take a stand and “disrupt the dominant narrative that [abortion] is exclusively a ‘women’s issue.’” The movement calls on men to advocate for policy change (push the abortion agenda); challenge media messages (make abortion a men’s issue too) and change campus culture (encourage other men to be bro-choice). The campaign was widely embraced by NARAL, Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups. In an article published by the abortion-friendly RH Reality Check, bro-choicer, Andrew Jenkins explains how enlisting men is essential for the future of “reproductive rights.” He emphasizes that this isn’t about “saving our mothers, sisters and daughters.” No, he considers that to be sexist. Instead, he insists that this is a matter of understanding men’s own self-interest. That selfish motivation opened the floodgates for what came next.

Men in favor of abortion embraced the bro-choice movement. And they certainly were outspoken about their “self-interests.” Bro-choice proved to become a gathering of crude and immature males only concerned with their ability to have casual sex without the consequence of becoming a parent.

Pro-abort blogger, Ben Sherman was troubled by the abortion restrictions enacted in his state of Texas. Petitioning to other men, he wrote, “Your sex life is at stake. Can you think of anything that kills the vibe faster than a woman fearing a back-alley abortion? Don’t be surprised if casual sex outside of relationships becomes far more difficult to come by.”

On the website Upworthy, writer, Rollie Williams praises Oregon as “the best state to have sex in” due to its nearly nonexistent abortion restrictions. “Oregon is the only state that has completely closed its borders to abortion restrictions. Pretty cool, Oregon,” he remarks. He also criticizes Oklahoma for having the most abortion restrictions. His posting was originally titled, Why Oregon Just Became the Best State to Have Sex In, however the title has since been changed, most likely in an attempt to disguise his true motives.

Some of the most exploitive content comes from a blogger known only as “bacon” on the derogatory website He admits to having paid for more than one abortion in a piece called, How to Convince a Girl to Get an Abortion. His first approach is for the scenario where there’s been a relationship longer than a one-night stand. He patronizes the woman with these remarks: “tell her you want her to be the mother of your children one day” (even if that’s not true) and “if she has the abortion now, you will be able to plan your lives together so that everything is perfect.” Then, after she agrees and has the abortion, he blatantly says, “Dump her.” He calls it the “Hail Mary” because it’s difficult to execute.

His second technique, he deems “The A-Hole Method.” He suggests to, “channel your inner cold, unforgiving, unapologetic a-hole nature” and “tell her in no uncertain terms that you will not be a father to this child.” His next step is to “get your car keys and drive her to the abortion clinic, pay for it and have her take care of it so you can both move on with your lives.”

His last option adds further insult to injury. In the “Wildcard Method,” the man is to say that his family carries a genetic disease. But he doesn’t stop there. He goes as far as to recommend taking pictures of persons who are developmentally disabled and passing the person off as a relative. He concludes with, “If this advice helps just one man from becoming a parent against his will, it was worth the writeup.”

There’s no concern for women at all, nor the physical and emotional pain that comes from abortion. What’s tragic is that these men who think abortion is the answer can actually sustain devastating harm as a result of abortion. Men experience significant guilt, grief and sadness, which oftentimes is repressed and can result in anger, aggressive behavior or substance abuse. Some may suffer from severe depression and think about or attempt suicide. Men’s relationships also experience negative effects with increased conflict or lack of intimacy. In most cases, relationships will not survive an abortion experience. Consequently, the aftereffects of abortion continue into relationships with new partners. Many men may suffer from these symptoms, yet not acknowledge they are connected to an abortion in his past. The denial may exist for decades, hindering his ability to find healing.

The bro-choice movement and its despicable behavior backfired on pro-abortion supporters. Rather than advance their cause, it has exposed a dirty hidden truth—abortion-on-demand gives callous men the freedom to use women for sex and avoid any responsibility.

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