Planned Parenthood Outdoes the KKK

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Planned Parenthood Outdoes the KKK

Bradley Mattes   |   July 16, 2013

During an especially dark time in America’s history, it’s estimated the Ku Klux Klan was responsible for the deaths of well over three thousand Blacks. Sadly, history is repeating its grave injustice to the Black community through abortion. Since being legalized, over seventeen million Black babies have been killed by abortion—a majority of them in Planned Parenthood abortion mills throughout the nation. Yes, it’s true; Planned Parenthood has more African-American blood on its hands than the KKK. We’ve done research to show a majority of Planned Parenthood surgical abortion mills are within walking distance to Black and Hispanic neighborhoods. Visit Protecting Black Life to see the dramatic visual proof Blacks are being targeted by the abortion industry.

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