Dog Saves Newborn

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Dog Saves Newborn

Bradley Mattes   |   July 29, 2013

A male dog in Bangkok named Pui picked up a white plastic bag in his mouth at the local dump and took it home to his master. Pui then loudly barked to get someone’s attention. The master’s niece went downstairs and was shocked to find the bag on the patio contained a newborn infant. She and her mother took the baby to the hospital where she thrived. Pui received a leather collar and medal as a reward from the local Red Cross. Now, my question is, if an animal can recognize the bag contained human life that should be protected, why can’t humans do the same? Why can’t we protect babies from abortion? Young children, as soon as they’re old enough to talk, point to a picture of an unborn child and say “baby.” It’s time the grownups caught on.

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