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Pretty Ugly

ve8QAd   |   June 13, 2013

If you’re wondering how Planned Parenthood operates, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has the answer—and it’s pretty ugly. In an in-depth exposé, they reveal the sinister practices fueling the abortion giant. They’ve compiled their work into a package of resources called, “It’s Pretty Ugly.”

For example, did you know Planned Parenthood enforces abortion quotas to drive revenue? This is just one of the dark secrets behind the “non-profit” that boasts over $1 billion in revenue (with over half a billion coming from taxpayer funds). Abortion is the single largest money making service Planned Parenthood provides. ADF makes a compelling case of why abortion is the central service offered to pregnant women—that’s where the money is.

In addition, Planned Parenthood makes sure to operate as efficiently as possible. This translates into cutting corners to keep costs low and can mean putting women’s health at risk. The abortion industry has balked at enforcing standards of health care, informed consent and facility inspections, stating that it limits women’s accessibility to abortion services. The truth is that instead of insisting on practices that protect women’s health, they are more interested in protecting abortion-on-demand.

ADF also outlines multiple accounts of deception and fraud. It includes: manipulation of patient records and miscoding services in order to increase government reimbursements; receiving double payment from the patient and government funding; and unbundling of abortion services, effectively allowing American taxpayers to foot the bill for the cost of services (blood tests, sonograms, etc.) associated with abortions. Numerous court cases against Planned Parenthood are cited, demonstrating just how widespread this problem is. ADF states, “Even if people have conflicted feelings about abortion, nobody is ‘pro-fraud.’”
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