Creating a Neanderthal Baby

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Creating a Neanderthal Baby

Bradley Mattes   |   February 11, 2013

A professor at Harvard’s Medical School has taken science well over the line of ethics and morality. George Church says they’ve rebuilt the DNA of the Neanderthal man. He claims he’s got the blueprint to in his words “resurrect” the Neanderthal. Professor Church says he can create a Neanderthal baby if he can overcome the hurdle of finding what he calls an “adventurous woman” who’s willing to participate in this scheme via in vitro fertilization. Many Christians squirmed when science began to take pro-creation out of God’s hands and into the lab. All along the way, mere lip service has been paid to moral ethics. It now looks as though some scientists will consider any experiment to get their names in medical journals. I pray God steps in and brings it to a halt.

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