A Beautiful Look at Life Unfolding

Thanks to technology and amazing insight, a new resource has been launched that gives us a never-before-seen, in-depth look at life in the womb. Author Alexander Tsiaras has recently launched the book Conception to Birth: The Visual Guide to Your Pregnancy as an interactive iBook format.

His work is a mix of creativity and science, giving vivid visuals to fetal development. Feeling limited by the printed page, he goes further than just static images. Tsiaras develops highly detailed 4D animations derived from microMRI and other imaging techniques. In fact, he created a series of 40 videos documenting each week of pregnancy.

The iBook format lends itself for even greater interactivity. Images are 3D and can be rotated and examined close-up. Layers of embryonic and fetal anatomy are represented. Thorough text details each stage of development, accompanied by specific information for each trimester. For example, you can see what the baby looks like at 6 days after conception, at 6 weeks and 6 months.
Imagine how this resource can be used by pro-life educational environments and pregnancy care centers to help save babies’ lives.

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