Legal Abortions are Maiming Women

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Legal Abortions are Maiming Women

Bradley Mattes   |   January 11, 2013

If abortion is legal, it must be safe, right? Wrong. Even though pro-abortion activists have claimed this to be true for decades, the evidence has clearly proven otherwise. Here’s a tragic example. A Planned Parenthood abortion mill in St. Louis has been deemed by some as one of the most dangerous abortion mills in the nation. Just since Thanksgiving, they’ve botched three abortions and the women had to be taken to the hospital in ambulances. We’re learning more about these back-alley-type abortion mills because pro-lifers are often out front providing alternatives to women going in. I’m regularly reading of botched abortions that have killed babies and maimed their mothers. Abortion claims more victims than just the babies, and we must do all we can to stop it.

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