The Candy Cane

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The Candy Cane

Bradley Mattes   |   December 27, 2012

Do you know the spiritual meaning behind the candy cane? Now’s a good time to be reminded. The white color symbolizes the virgin birth and Jesus’ sinless nature. The hard candy reminds us of the solid rock on which Christ built His church. Its shape symbolizes the Good Shepherd’s staff pulling us fallen lambs out of Satan’s harmful way. Upside down it makes a “J” for Jesus. Three small red strips signify the scourging of Jesus, by which we were healed. The large red strip symbolizes Christ’s blood, shed on the cross so we would live forever. It’s important to protect innocent human life here on earth. It’s even more important you and I share with everyone the eternal life we have through the most precious Christmas gift of all, Jesus. Merry Christmas.

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