Fourteen Botched Abortions

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Fourteen Botched Abortions

Bradley Mattes   |   November 14, 2012

One of Planned Parenthood’s favorite mantras is abortion should be safe, legal and rare. We know they want abortion to stay legal because they’re the nation’s most aggressive lobbyist in Washington, DC to keep it that way. I never believed Planned Parenthood wanted abortion to be rare because they’re the country’s largest chain of abortion mills and makes huge sums of money from killing unborn babies. Evidently, they don’t really want abortion safe either because it’s been documented they’ve botched at least fourteen abortions in the last twenty months or so. They’ve maimed and killed some women, and rendered others unable to have future children. So it makes good sense to stop using your tax dollars to help fund this giant of the abortion industry. And in the process we’ll protect babies and women.

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